As an online marketer, whether it is in online business or affiliate marketing field, you definitely need a large amount of traffic to get a big profit. For an experienced internet marketer, you must know how to create a solid buyer list from visitors who come to your website, so that the incoming traffic will not be in vain and can be used to double profits with your email list.

For both beginner and experienced marketers, it is certainly not easy to build an email list from your website traffic. This is because in the traditional way, you need to create products and contents while doing research to create a marketing project and then get the quality email list. This is where BuyerZilla will really help you to solve the problem.

What is BuyerZilla?

BuyerZilla is a product that provides an all in one done for you list building package which has been proven to be powerful and effective to get subscribers from your website visitors. Erick Cagi and Diego Hernando who created this program are two veteran internet marketers and have been recognized in the internet marketing industry with their popular products such as “Overnight Cash Hack”, “Instant Daily Profit”, and these two products have received good praises from many other internet marketers.

You no longer need to hire a copywriter and designer that might make you lose hundreds of dollars and take up a lot of your time and energy. This product will provide all marketing materials that allow you to produce the best results. 

Inside BuyerZilla

  • 5 Blockbuster products

No need to be confused if you want to make quality products that attract subscribers because BuyerZilla provides a lot of products which are developed by two successfull marketers in the last 3 years.

No need to worry if the product you received is no longer interesting because it has a lot of demand in the market and will perfectly blow up your subscriber list easily.

  • Done for You Sales Material

BuyerZilla does not only provides potential products that can increase your subscribers, but it also provides a sales page and automated funnel, so you no longer have to hire workers or work hard to create content and design your webpage. Everything is provided, so you just need to use it and enjoy high profitable buyer list that you can get to multiply your profits.

  • Premium Hosting Included

You do not need to rent cheap hosting for building your website since BuyerZilla offers premium hosting which is faster and safer for you to use. And the most important thing is that it is for free. So you do not need to be bothered by problems that occur on cheap hosting such as slow speeds or frequent downtime.

  • Free Traffic Video Training

If done for you products and sales material are not enough, you also need traffic that you can convert to become a buyer for your product, and BuyerZilla also provides training on how to get traffic from various sources, both free and paid. With this training video, you can find quality sources of traffic and make a profit.

Still not getting a picture of how BuyerZilla works? Watch the video below to see in detail and clearly how you can use this product in your online marketing project.


BuyerZilla is a product for those who are beginner and inexperienced to build quality email lists and potentially become buyers of your products. For those of you who are experienced, this product is not for you unless you are a simple person and do not want to be bothered by hardwork in building sales pages and sales funnel. Is BuyerZilla created for you? Hopefully this review will help you to consider before you decide to buy or not.