8 Essential Pages are video training programs that will guide you to implement 8 essential pages to boost your business online. Unlike the similar program, Jaykay Dowdall, the creator of this product, is not complicated in explaining some important things that must be done by an online markerter. This program immediately explains in detail, simple and precisely targeted about the points you have to do.

Jaykay Dowdall is well-known as an online marketer that has launched many quality products and is recommended by many experts from other online marketers. Among the products that quite influence the world of internet marketing, there are products called Symphoni that teaches how to advertise on Sporify and FB Master’s product program that teaches how to get traffic from Facebook ads, etc.

Inside 8 Essential Pages


Squeeze page template with high-converting lead.


Thank you page template with insanely simple highly engaging ability.


Increase your affiliate marketing profit with 3-step bridge page template.


Sales page template with Black-Ops formula


The credit card processing order page template that will build the people trust.


Revenue boosting upsell page template called the sales crusher.


“Final Chance!” downsell template.


The first page funnel advertorial page template for selling different niche product

With this Essential Page course, you will get:

A secret weapon for affiliate marketer

For those of affiliate marketers who promote products from Amazon, Clickbank, and other affiliate program, then you will find out how to maximize your affiliate product promotion by learning how to create a special page that super affiliates often use as part of their strategy to get thousands of dollars from affiliates program.

The Deathly Error

8 essential pages will guide you to avoid the fatal mistakes that are often made by internet marketers like how to build relationships with your website visitors who will make higher conversions. So it is not only focus on turning traffic into sales without building relationship with visitors that will end in failure or low conversions.

One-Page Funnel Simple Sales Boosting

This funnel is easy to apply for selling or promoting any product even though you might be a newbie in the internet marketing field. You will get explanation from A to Z why this one page funnel works and how to create your own one-page funnel.

How to Change the Way to Build Relationship with Your Email List

How to satisfy and convince the email list that we have by only adding one paragraph of text to a webpage that you have before.

The Sales Crusher

You will get a real case study video that shows you how to easily change $23,413 sales to $38,509 using just a simple page that you can work in just one and a half hours.

How to change cold traffic to paying customers

If you have an amazing product, a good sales copy, and super affiliates that work to promote your product, but your product doesn’t have enough conversions, then there really is something wrong with the way you sell. The 8 Essential pages will help you fixing it, so you can build a blank page to become the best sales executive without having the higher skill and paying a big price for it.

The Black Ops Formula

The 8 essential pages provide you amazing and powerful formulas that will direct and motivate the visitors to buy your products without thinking. Jaykay Dowdall will teach you how to activate an effective psychological trigger and build the persuasive tricks which are often used by professional internet marketers.

The “To Simple To Work” Webinar invite

This feature is a powerful trick for building webinars that most people don’t know about. By using this trick, you will double the webinar signup which of course you can maximize for online marketing.

Recipe for building short and engagement headlines to grab visitors

You will learn how to build headlines with a simple recipe to grab the attention of your visitors, make them interested and curious, and finally click on the link to your website.


The 8 Essential Pages will be very helpful for online marketers who want to maximize their traffic and turn it into profitable profit. With quality products and track records from creators of the Essential Pages which get a lot of praises from many professional online marketers, there is no need to feel wrong if you try to promote this product, especially for beginners in this internet marketing field, or even the old ones who have not gotten the maximum profit.